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. 30th july 1988

I love my family & friends


#1 To Go on at holiday to Japan & Bangkok
#2 To earn lot lot money
#3 Get a com of my own
#4 Get a new basketball shoes
#5 Get a Black hoodies
#6 New Wallet
Many more wish but still thinking LOL



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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello People i know my blog is rotting for very long so
here i am to just blog a short post about ytd.

Ytd was fuck up man cos it my book out day and we were to book ot at 6pm
but we book out like 7 pm lah cos we have to let the new NS intake to book out first den we end up last to book out.

By the time i reach home was like 8.15, reach home faster bath den head out to meet up with jaz at Mrt station den head off to martin belated birthday chalet and here are some pic during the chalet.

Hmmm think i shall just end here first man.
After Ns life nothing much to blog out also.
Anyway Going to P.O.P on 29 Oct Anyone wan to come and Watch????.....LOL

11:18 AM

Monday, June 8, 2009


It been long since i have last update my blog as i am SUPER LAZY TO UPDATE!!!!
Soon In another few hour time i will be reporting to my Camp and time really pass very fast.

Really wanna to thank Alex, Nelson, Brennan, Kean Yen for all the time spend tgt at Pub all really had Fun drinking with u guy for last week. We shall go drink again when have time when i book out. =)

And for ppl who are working at FILA.
Really happy working with u guy i have really learn alot during work for the pass 9 month.
And To Dervon , Pei Zhen and gang Thank for taking care of me and will really miss Hanging out and working with u guy...yeah and Do JIA YOU at work and those who are studying too Take Care. =D

Don really have much to say le so think shall just end here.
Will try to update if i have the time.

2:02 PM

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello People it been super long since i last blog man been busy with work cos it closing down sale.
And i am going to quit my job soon on the 30 may which is also the last day of suntec Fila moving out sale.

Been working so much that i find myself missing out so much fun with my friend and all. It like i hardly have time to go out and meet up with them and i am really missing out so much ar. Even my mother was working at kallang air port i also don know till today ar it like OMG!!!!

But after 30 of may i will be free to go out and catch up with my friend and all before i go into NS on the 9 of jun. So is like i only got like 10 day to play i guess???

Shall end here for the time being then as tml i still got to go work

Night everyone =D

12:31 AM

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It been long since i last blog.
Been busy with work most of the time that why i got nothing much to blog after all too.

And just find that this week is a REALLY bad week for me many thing happen.
And today at work i Lost my Cap which i buy on Monday not even a week ar....saded =(

Anyway have got my Letter for NS le,

9 Jun will be enlisting into Police.... SO FAST!!!

And Mum ask me if i wan to celebrate my 21 Birthday early of not cos u i going in soon.
But if early also don know wan book when and it will be like 2 month early ar.
Arrrr HOW?????

11:10 PM

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nice song i think =)

10:57 PM

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Out to Slack =)

Today was suppose to meet up with Ben to go for Job fare at Suntec but he wake up too late so just meet up with him and go kallang Mac for lunch and Do our ordering of the shirt and stuff that we getting online. After that to fetch Jaz from her house as we are near by and off to Tm to meet Hazel, and thank ben for the ride to Tm Bro.

Shall just upload pic as kind of lazy to blog le.
Night people.

Out with Them

12:45 AM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Finally exam over and i am stress-free from exam.

First exam paper was fine which is computer system which was ytd.
can say most question know how to do wont fail lol.
Today even Mr gan he himself was shock to see my paper and he say when he mark my paper that time he say this ( IS THIS REALLY KEVIN PAPER!!!).
He was stun cos he see a big improvement in me.
And even say i and ben could get B.
That something good to hear from him for the first time.

And as for today Exam mobile com is a total joke ar.
What ever we had study over night at Mac without slp ytd till today did not even come out one question that we study ar =(

So as u can see i should be fail der ba cos almost all der question i don know how to do.And can also say whole class don know how to do also maybe accept for 2 - 3 of dem know ba.
Maybe most of us will have to retain ba.
Hopefully we don have to haiz, really have me no mood to do anything now lah.
I should be happy that my school life is over but after today we nv know if we ever have to retain or not OMFG ar.

Will we be seeing each other in year 2009 arpil in der same class???


12:03 PM