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Photobucket . kevin koh
. 30th july 1988

I love my family & friends


#1 To Go on at holiday to Japan & Bangkok
#2 To earn lot lot money
#3 Get a com of my own
#4 Get a new basketball shoes
#5 Get a Black hoodies
#6 New Wallet
Many more wish but still thinking LOL



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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sick & TIRED!!!!!!!!!!

Really really damm damm tired.
It nv easy studying and working part-time man.

11:31 PM


Today school was damm damm waste of time pls cos first lesson teacher nv come than next lesson all of us don really understand what he teaching sian NVM use to it liao....LOL

After school rush down to work at taka.
But befor reporting to work went to find Hazel as she is also work than happen to meet up with jaz as she is also at there walking around with michelle to go out for a smoke break and slacking.
Next went up to work and it super sian lor as i feel abit waste of time cos work for only like 3 hour LOR -.-!!!! !@#$%

After work took MRT to bedok with Hazel & Perlin for dinner at bedok than back home after that lucky still got Last bus sia if not i GG liao.

Dammm.....i just found out that i have been spenting alot of money sia think i had already spent about 1k liao sia faint, think i need someone to help me to control my money spenting sia heart pain arrrr spent so much money, let my mum know i think GG also liao cos she
sure take my card alway der LOL.


1:00 AM

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Alex intro me this video about two fucking lame ass
but they sure are funny and stupid LOL

This is the video of how they be a real gangster part
1 & 2
Enjoy =D

And a MTV of their song
Delicious Journey.

10:28 AM


School was boring today nv learn anything.
Went to work after school and today sale was super bad man first time sia.

Really getting SICK & TIRED off everything happening around me =(

Life Just Sux!!!!!!!!.

12:15 AM

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today morning meet up with brennan to go alex house for some GYM and Swimming, but when we reach were both were kind of tired cos been working alot this few days so end up don wan go gym leh,Went swimming instead.
Swim not even am hour it started to rain lor -.-!!!
So we went to sauna and and and it super HOT inside lah cos thank to me nothing better to do keep adding more water till it make us hard to breathe. LOL
Rain stop went back to swimming again till around like 5pm and all three of us was super super hungry so went back up to alex house to bath and off we go to seng pang bedok to have our dinner, Home Sweet Home after that.
Arrrrr feeling so dammm tired this few day think had not been sleeping well for the past few days ba.
Night everyone


Yesterday nth but work
work was boring just that keep kanna disturb by
Kai Wei & Dervon only it dot der lor -.-!!!

Guess what caught my good borther kai wei
sleeping like some pig dreaming about his princess

sleep till so Sweet wor.
Here der pic lol =x
Guess he goin to kill me when he see it man =P

9:56 PM

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spoil of mood =(

Today go school as normal.
Was thinking of wat to do after school since i am so free. So after some time my plan was this:
  1. After school go sim lim with ben to get thing for project.
  2. After buying project stuff go meet up with nelson and alex to go Changi Village or Seng Pang Bedok for dinner.
  3. Meet up with dennis when goin back home to put some PSP game.
And and and Guess what all My plan was all gone with just one phone call -.-!!! arrrr and it a phone call to go to work at suntec for 6-close it was like WTH lor. Haiz SIan sian sian!!!!!
I did not even bring my working uniform to sch and i end sch at 5 somemore lor so they say nvm let me wear black jean to work just for today and der shirt they will get one at der shop for me, but when i reach they just let me wear my hoodies for work since it only for just a few hour nia lucky me. But still kind of spoil mood lah cos i have already plan my day nice nice liao than just ONE!!!! phone call i have to cancel everything SIAN!!!
That all for today got nth much to blog leh
Back Super pain NOW T.T
night everyone

11:46 PM


Today wake up 7.45 to get ready for school cos PE cannot late if late sure have to RUN 2 round der. Once when i reach school i only saw 1 person from my class and i though all of them who say wan come PE end up PS me but than i found out that i was early cos they say PE start at 9.30 but but but i reach sch at 9 lah faint it SIAN DER LOrrrrr!!!!!!!
School was boring today as i learn nth again cos i was playing PSP and K.w and i was kind of lazy to go locker take book so we just listen to teacher talk during lesson lor.

After school home to stone watch some online show than meet up with dennis to go down to MPCC to play bball at 5pm play till like 8pm it tired der lor cos morning in school already ask to RUN 6 round 40 push up 40 sit up than still play bball after all those work out. Tired tired tired lucky tml work was change to stand by liao if not i sure go there no mood sever der lor....lol k lah shall end here for today tml lesson start at 1.30 i think. SIAN start so Late lor.

I still care for u
Jia you Yvonne

12:22 AM

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Damm it!!!!
Why can't Those ppl keep,
their damm mouth when things dose not concern about them!!!!

12:25 AM

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hate Myself .

School today was damm boring totally waste of time. Home around 12.30 Stone in my room like some dead man emoing..lol

Have not been feeling very well this few days think i am going to get sick soon, i think i am just a person who don know how to take care of myself ba =x LOl sian sian sian . shall end here for today ba.

Change of new blog song think the word in der song are nice listen to it and comment in my tag board if it is nice =)

2:21 PM

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today schoold start at 1.30 so late lah pls make me super don feel like goin but bo bian result like SHIT already so just go school ba.
After school took bus with K.w to Tm as i got to work which was kind of last min and K.w to find his darling...lol
Work was damm boring but was still kind of fun as we were all sharing with each other about am topic that most ppl had during r/s and Kelly which is our new MT her answer was kind of wried and shocking which shock both me and Hui hui lah...Wried!!!!
Anyway think shall end here as i don even know what am i blogging about also maybe too tired le ba cos been working after school SHAQ!!!!!!
Night everyone =) Bye~~~

12:15 AM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If only i am able to.......

Today manage to reach school just nice for Pe if not late have to run 2 or 3 round ar i forget liao....lol but today is our first Pe lesson so teacher let us play game =D.
After Pe all of us went to bath liao than go up for second lesson and it was kind of waste of time cos all we did was talking chit-chat all nia than teacher let us of lke 1h early i guess if i don rmb wrong.

So Me,K.w,Ben & Wen da went to east point to have our lunch at 18 cafe had bake rice. Than done with lunch le pei Ben go cut his hair while wen da go home and k.w go work...lol. Ben cut a new hair style but don know to say nice or not nice...lol no comment =x but i think it look alright ba. Head to work after that weather was super hot man hate it today. Work was tired just nice manage to reach targate 1k than can close shop on time. Home Sweet Home after that.

12:09 AM

Monday, October 13, 2008

First day of sch boring!!!!

Hmmmm....first day of sch was very unwilling to go der but so many of my bro ask me go so i go see see how was it and take time table on der way lor...lol

School start at 9 today but guess where am i at 9 am???....lol i was only walking toward der bus stop nia...lol =x Reach school around 9+ or 10 i think when on the way to class that time Ben and K.w tell me first lesson end liao can go cafe 1 eat le so diao lor -.-!!!

After der second lesson everyone was thinking if wan to go for project lesson anot. Than it seem like the whole class don wish to go so PON sch liao lor lol fav*....lol jk

Went TM to watch movie with jian wen, Zhen, Ben & the 2 Boon and the rest i forget their name liao =x. Watch eagler eye and i can say it a nice show should go watch it if any of u ppl out there wanna to know what it all about that der show is nice.

After movie headed to jian wen house with ben and boon to put psp game and slack around till 7pm went back to TM again cos Ben need to go work and i meeting up with nelson & alex for dinner at pizza hut total cos that we eat was around $64 not that ex ba. Home after that and here i am to blog. Heard from ben that teacher will lock der door if later 15 min from lesson i was like wth -.-!!! think most likely i will be lock outside class most of the time ba cos i am alway late for sch as i don even have der mood there...LOL Shall end here ba night evyerone TC.

Haiz why do i feel so like a stranger to u ???
I don ask for much
all i wanted is to just be friend again =(

10:21 PM

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sentosa =)

Morning meet up with jian wen, zhen, boon and derrick at TM. Train down to Vivo first thing when reach we went to look for Volly ball than that where wai kiat join us. Atfer about 30 min we finally found a shop which sell volly ball and the only wan they have is in PINK colour so bo bian just get that wan lor...LOL Had our lunch le after everyone have reach head to sentosa liao lo...lol

After sentosa sia rush back to parkway to meet up with alex for dinner than wait for breanna to finish work than go eat supper....lol eat eat eat sure fat wan lor....sian
And sry alex & brennan that i could not go ton over at alex house as i am feeling damm tired cos i have not been resting much this week wan to rest more so that tml i go work wont so tired hope u guy understand =)

Lazy to type what really happen at sentosa but it was fun lah =)
sry for der lazyness =P

Be4 leaving house.

And here are eveyone who were there at sentosa.

2:21 AM

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gym Day

Today morning wake up meet up with dennis at 12.30 am to go parkway buy new bball cost me about $80. After to Mpcc to play bball with dennis, kai jin and a few other ppl is like still der same lah court good but no ppl come play damm sian wan lor.

Play bball till around 3 than rush down to meet up with Jaz at her house there as alvin drive us down to Sengkang Sport Hall for Gym. It was my first time there and the Swimming pool there look dammm nice lah i swear. Done with Gym of to meet up with Ah di at kallang airport, than bought dinner and went up to jaz house to eat as we still have to wait for her to get change.

Bus down to parkway tgt to meet ben and accompany him to wait for him to see his doctor than next to play pool till 11++ . Than all went back home after that, Dammmm......Tired man Gym think tml sentosa end up sleeping on der sand liao cannot move...lol
That all for today off to slp liao night everyone tc =)

12:31 AM

Friday, October 10, 2008

12 hour slp.....lol

Ok wried i had 12 hour of slp today wor i wake up at 5 pm...haha
Hmmmmm...... it been super super long since i last had this kind of long slp liao man the feeling was nice lah...lol think der last time i every had this kind of slp was like half a year ago man. if only i can have this kind of long nap everyday it would be wonderful sia.

Meet up with Brennan and Dennis for shopping was kind of last min.
First head to bugis to shop both me and brennan got ourself a shirt. Than had our dinner at long john sliver than took MRT down to city hall and shop got myself a black jean and a light grey hoodies as it was cheap only $15. Still need to shop for my bball shoes but no time liao so head home to parkway to play pool till like 12+, parted with dennis and of me and brennan to slack at my house void deck talking about past and our problem all till 2 am.
Home Sweet Home. Hmmmm.....Sat anyone wan to join in for Sentosa ma????



Morning wake up at 7 am to get ready and rush to enous MRT to meet up with aldon and k.w to go for our check up at CMPB.Reach tiong bahru had our breakfast at MAC. Than bus down to CMPB , Once we reach there we saw other class mate there like jian wen and gang was like most of us book on der same day for check up lah.....LOL

After check up head back to tiong bahru for lunch, than train to kallang MRT than took bus 12 home to rest awhile till 3+ than head to TM for work. Work was tired as i had not been sleeping enough for der past few days.

After work head down to pasir chalet tgt with Dervon. It was the birthday of 4 fila worker which their brithday fall all on der same month and a few days alway from each other. People who were at der chalet were ppl from Hougang and Tm fila outlet was about like 10-15 ppl ar.

Some were playing drinking game. while a few of us boys out there playing card game was playing 21 every 5 round change banker, first round when it come to me being banker i lose like $9.50 lah and we were playing 50 Cent 1 round lor Sway~~~~. Second round i tell myself i have to win back so i did but i still lose money cos second round i only win like $6.50 so i still have to pay $3. After that cut cake and photo taking session and some of them left. some play till very high till they fall asleep, only left with like 6 of us awake talking about our past love life and all start to EMO there Drinking beer all...lol talk till like 5+ cab home with dervon and home to rest.

2:42 AM

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today nth much to blog just that went to work work work and nth much.
Still have to wait for my time table to come out than can plan my next week roster.
TIME TABLE faster come out le...LOL

Haiz school goin to start next week but some how just cannot find der rite mood to get me to sch le, still thinking wan to go sch anot abit don have der mood to go and study le cos think go le also still der same sit in der Damm Fucking class looking at der teacher teach and end of the day i did not even learn a Damm thing but wasting my time learning something that i do like or understand man. SHAQ Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Night everyone =)

2:14 AM

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Arrrrrr....dammm it lah
I am Feeling so Damm Freaking Bor at home man

4:46 PM

Work was tired today =(

Hmmm today was suppose to go play bball with der bball gang but end up i had to go work at Hougang mall from mornign till 3. but guess what end up i work full day tired man. So many ppl from at der last two hour and in around like 30 min only all der shirt and short all got mess up already than have to fold all over again lor. Too many to fold liao by der time i fold finish i think can use leg walk home liao lor....Lolx Lucky my IC (In Charge) hui hui let me off early cos i stay der most far from hougang mall der =)

And thank to K.w and SL for dropping by while i am working. =)

And here i am back from work eating my dinner for today Maggie mee again OMG been eating Maggie mee for like 1 week ++ liao sia sian sian sian.

Night everyone TC

12:35 AM

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Morning wake up by k.s phone call he ask me if i wan to know my result so i say anything lor, And my result really turn out as what i expected sia......lol I get C,D nice wan lah nb.
GPA from 2.4 DROP DROP DROP till 1.8 -.-!!!!
Really sia more and more no FUCKING mood to go sch and Study liao lah i Swear!!!!!! really hate that FUCKING cos lah don know why i so DUMB and stupid enough to chose that dammm FUCKING cos ON MY TIAN Faint*.
Might as well i now quit and work work work to get more money till i go army than finish my army come out than study MDIS or what man.
Haiz!!!!!!!!!!!!! =((((((((((((((((((((((((((

10:02 AM

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pay day =)

Yes ar finally got my very first pay. I know it nth to be happy about but to me yeah i am happy cos all der while those work that i do are all only for 1 or 3 day only than get pay. So this time i can really feel how hard is it to earn money. Anyway now i also have to learn to save money le cos all der while is my mum helping me with it now that she give me back my POSB card le i have to CONTROL!!!!!

Moodless =(
Haiz soon tml result will be out liao but i don feel abit scare or nervous at all maybe i have already given up hope in studying in sch le since my gpa already so low think will get even lower which make me more no mood to go sch and study. sometime just few like i am wasting my time all along studying maybe just finish what i am studying and or might even wan quit sch cos it just like no point lah i also not goin to work as what i am studying now arrrrrrrrr dammmmm it lah it just SUX BIG TIME!!!!!!!


5:02 PM