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Photobucket . kevin koh
. 30th july 1988

I love my family & friends


#1 To Go on at holiday to Japan & Bangkok
#2 To earn lot lot money
#3 Get a com of my own
#4 Get a new basketball shoes
#5 Get a Black hoodies
#6 New Wallet
Many more wish but still thinking LOL



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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thank to Hazel,Sandy & Jaz for the present

Today School was boring as it was only 2hour of sch.
After school pei Jian yi and wen da to aston as they don really know the way , was at there awhile waiting for kai wei to reach and meet up with him, to go back school together to fetch LAzy & Sl Home. But be4 Yvonne go home had prata first cos i did not eat anything from morning till 4+ ba and of parted with Yvonne as she go home.

After that meet up with Hazel,Sandy,JAz , Martin & Gf for dinner at ASTON. And it been very long since all had meet up as everyone busy with all their problem and life =D

shall end here for the day Night ppl Takecare

10:48 PM

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Morning meet up with Yvonne,reach early so i waited downstair till she come down and of to school. Was not very late for sch but was still late ar, be4 going to class me and Yvonne waited for kai wei and Sl to come at cafe 3 be4 we enter for lesson....LOl

After my Math Lesson ruch down to cafe 3 with Ben to meet up with kai wei , sl & of cos Yvonne =)
After that waited for bus 31 to TM but so long cos two bus 31 have already gone pass the bus stop with the word FULL when u look inside the bus, got tired of waiting for bus so we took cab down.

And the Cab driver was very friendly and joker lah he talk to me lot of thing like as if i know him year ago like that but was fun disturbing the driver lah cos we entertain each other while the other 3 behind watching show also .

And of to suntec with Yvonne to have our dinner at pepper lunch thank Lazy for bring me there to eat for the first time is was nice of u =D
After dinner went to walk walk around till 8.00 pm and of we waited for bus 70 to send Yvonne back home and off i go back after she is safe home =)

That all for today ppl


11:59 PM

Thank for the cake guy i was really shock to see it.
Thank to YVONNE,Song ling,Kai wei & Aldon

Make a Wish =D

ON the way to sch in kai wei LORRY...LOL

Thank alot Yvonne for the WISH
i really do cherish the time spent with u =D

Today went sch in kai wei lorry with Yvonne and sl . Me and Yvonne sit behind and the wind is super strong wan nor and had taken some pic of our messy hair but i don have any of the pic now cos all with my Dear Yvonne camaer......LOl
Had breakfast at cafe 1 than go class at 9......And as usual Mr GAN lesson is super boring the lor so end up sleeping in class =x than break start at 12 - 2 what a long long wait shaq shaq shaq.

Math lesson ended call kai wei ger if he can fetch us with his so call sport car only have two door *LORRY*.Reach Kai Wei house to meet up with Yvonne,sl & Aldon, they were all busy doing their flash project hardworking hor while i and kai wei bro having our guy talk.Hmmmm......around 7pm everyone was hungry. We had plan our dinner to have kfc went down to get everyone dinner with bro, back around 7.30 so got everyone to stop watever they are doing to have dinner, after dinner everyone help up to wash up the plate and all but Me ,aldon and kaiwei went into the room first after that someone off the light and there i SAW Yvonne carry a CAKE into the Room and i was super Shock lah cos my birthday was on the 30 which on the wed ,REALLY THANK TO ALL OF U YVONNE,SL,KAI WEI & ALDON FOR EVERYTHING TODAY =D.
took some pic will upload soon. Feeling very tired now shall cont another day.

1:31 AM

Monday, July 28, 2008

Morning as usual meet up with Yvonne to go school together =D
Took bus 22 than change 24 ma fan but bo bian cos bus 24 everytime got alot ppl take so take 22 to somewhere elas to wait for 24 if not don know have to wait for how many bus than can get up the bus 24~~~ by that time will be super late for school le.

As usual monday school is a total waste of my time lah cos monday lesson is all teach by MR,GAN or u can call him GAN NI NA also =x his teaching is super slack lor and very hard to understand what is trying to teach or say HAIZ. So went to class to put bag than leave the class go walk walk in school instead =) . Lesson end at 2.30 went to meet up with My Lazy & sl at cafe 3 than off we head to Parkway to get Yvonne CAMAER but be4 that we went to CC to collect my bursary $600 yeah!!! is like finally. Had our meal at hawker than off to harvey norman to get Von beloved camaer that she long wanted to get. HAPPY HOR YVONNE BUY CAMAER LIAO =D

Bus back with Yvonne as she was feeling kind of not feeling well so did not slack much as she need rest cos can see she looking very tired also, after that Bus back home again and am here to blog shall end here for today =D

NIGHT People

11:17 PM

Today morning wake up early as i am meeting up with LAZY at her house downstairs at 11.
Went to bugis for breakfast as there food fair going on there so we had tiny hot dog, chill chicken and salmon egg & chicken with ham HEAVY BREAKFAST but the food was not very nice . =(

1pm parted with Yvonne as she got to start work liao =( LoL
Meet up with kai wei and went to parkway to help LAZY to check out the CAMERA cannon ixus85is. Than after checking out me and kai wei took bus 135 all the way donw to AMK hub to meet up with SL, after than head to kai wei house to slack awhile and had dinner there thank for dinner guy.

And off i went to fetch LAZY from work again =D
Home Sweet HOme after that shall end here too tired to type everything out =x
Night ppl

Sat nth much as i have been resting at home tilllll 7++ & off to prepare to go out to fetch Yvonne from work than home sweet home after that.....LOL

1:46 AM

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today school was still ok cos learn now topic, at first when reach sch i was thinking if there is lesson cos ytd teacher was having his MC and my whole gang of friend all not coming lor and Ben PS me so =(

Lesson ended at 10 than went to cafe 3 to wait for Yvonne & sl to end lesson at 12. So while waiting alone was charging my psp and using *LAZY* Laptop =)
After their lesson we meet up with kai wei bro,and off we go to TM to have KFC, Off to NTUC to have some shopping as we goin to make pizza at kai wei house and on the way the two sister doing their min-project & they somehow finish doing it at 8 and of we go home.
And thank kai wei and SL for making the pizze for us =)
FAST !!!

12:34 AM

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Morning wake up early as i counld not get back to sleep wried maybe tooo use to waking up early le ba. Was about to get ready for school than i receive a sms From Warren the Math teacher saying his on MC LOL so don have to go sch today YEAH!!!! =)

Hmmmm......Left home at 11.30 to rush down to schoold to meet up with Lazy, sl & kaiwei to have our movie at cine, be4 cine we had our lunch at bedok eat mutton soup was not bad. After that took Mrt to cine to get our movie ticket * WEDDING DAZE* show was funny should go watch it.

After movie ended at 4pm, all 4 of us went shop shop around taka,than headed of home =)
*Almost bring back a free phone Hor LAZY* LOL

NIght ppl
Tc lot =D

10:56 PM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet up with Lazy to go school took bus 22 than change to 24 again , at schoolmeet up with sl & kai wei than all head to the class that we have to report to. First lesson was ask to go to the spot hall to see some Event about drug and smoking it Borrrrring the lor.........they have Game there for u to play can the prize was like -.-!!!! fishball noodle,plain water,chicken rice.......-.-!!!

Break at 12-2 Long hour break was stonning till tooo high end up disturb ppl =D hor ah ben backside kanna burn =x Math lesson was alright as the topic was so so only ,bad thing bout it is long step and very ma fan the lorrrr......

After schoold rush down to meet up with YVONNE, sl & kai wei at cafe cartel have a little chat than of we go back Home =D
Shall end here for today as i very tired now, so Sweet Dream everyone NIght =D

10:55 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today wake up early at 5.30 to go FETCH LAZY to School =D
Lazy start sch at 8.30 while i start at 10 but it ok just have to slack in school till kai wei and sl come find me eat breakfast so good ar thank again =)
Lesson was boring AGAIN T.T don understand SAD DOG, break time was at 12.30 till 2.30 so leave school woth Yvonne, sl & kai wei to Airport to eat popeyes AGAIN!!!! but it was nice so it ok but not every week will get sick of it der???...LOL
After that took bus 36 with yvonne as she goin to parkway to meet up with her Bestfriend, and i got to cross over to the other bus stop to take 31 back to schoold for EMATH T.T (so near home but yet so far) Was super late for class reach at around 3.30 was 1 hour late than go in do some work than teacher let us off at 4.30.
Took bus 43 from parkway to sergroon,than bus 24 from sergroon to simei ite,
took bus 24 to airport for lunch,than bus 36 back to parkway Again,
Bus 31 from parkway back to school, after school bus back to parkway Again!!!
Than bus 43 back to sergroon & 43 back to PARKWAY
Waiting for bus 31 to rush back find LAZY as she was waiting there alone all by herself after her friend leave for home, Was very Sorry to let u wait so long for me Lazy =)
Home Sweet Home After That
Night People
Takecare =D

11:08 PM

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today meet up with Yvonne in the morning, took bus 22 toward the other bus stop to change 24 down to sch luckily we did that if not we will be Super late nor.

Went to class was Borrrrrrrrrring wan lor cos don even know WTH teacher trying to teach lah .
Break time was thinking if wan to go next lesson cos is also boring wan the lor.......End up me ben and kai wei go sim lim to get our project stuff, finish buying meet up with Yvonne and sl for lunch than walk walk around bugis street & Home Sweet Home.........Sian Tml Sch Again Borrrrrrr

11:30 PM

Meet up with Yvonne =D

Went to fetch her around 2 pm , wanted to watch movie but end up don wish to spend money cos need to save money =)
So we intend to go town shop shop see if there thing to buy, First stop was at far east was walking around than Yvonne was looking only PURPLE colour thing cos it her fav. Than something caught our eye which was sunglasser than Yvonne bought der purple glasser which i was taking picture with it.After that we walk to wisma,taka & cine was boring cos there got nth much to buy even if got we are also After all the walking BROKE for the time being =z .
After all the walking we were hungry so of we go , took bus down to suntec to have our dinner.....Yvoone sharp eye spotted a resturant call *Just Noodle* wried name who care, but it was worth it cos there free flow drink and ice-cream and the total cost was like only $25. shall go there try the noodle next time =)
Dinner was so full that we were LAZY to walk, but still we had our walk toward esplanade =) sat there awhile than of Home Sweet Home lalalalala.....LOl =)
Night ppl tc
Alway Cherishing the time
i really do enjoy my day today =)

12:20 AM

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mr, Guai kia =x
Yvonne & ME =D

Finally Got my Lap top back

Shall just blog about today as i was now kind of tired this few day & LAZY.

Meet up with kai wei insider bus 15 around 3.30.

After getting der lap top went down to AMK hub a place which is my 3 time goin there so wried lah so many ppl go, meet up with sl for her break ,had dinner at some food court which i think der fried rice is not bad shall go there try other thing if i will every go there again.

Headed to bugis to fetch yvonne from work =D

And thank sl & kai wei for pei me go donw bugis be4 u two head home =)

Wanna to have our supper but as yvonne was having a upset stomach, she don have the appetite to eat.....Sat at void deck to chat than off we go home.

Shall stop here and let der picture do the talking as i lazy to blog about the whole week =D





Nv Letting Go of U

1:57 AM

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today nothing much to blog as normal every sun having Family gathering so nothing nice or fun happening around so tat all for my SUNDAY =x


Wake up early today as i have to take my lap top to repair.Cos my uncle offer to fetch if not i will be dammm lazy to send it for repair along lor cos it boring,home around 3.30.
Leave house around 5 cos got to meet up with pei wen,yi mei & wilson at town at 5pm so u can see i am late again =x so sry guy.Went far east to shop for their shoes after that was around 7.20 cab down to bugis with them walk around read some book than all head home left me alone but nvm, cos i was waiting for Evon to end work.
After her work head to serangoon and had prata near her house.....than blah blah blah
finish eating home sweet home tat all for today

8:09 PM

Saturday, July 12, 2008

As normal go sch early in the morning again lesson start at 8 i though was 10 lucky i sms my classmate be4 i leave house.After sch headed to cafe 1 to slack to meet up with MG, Ah liang and gang to go play bball at mpcc.
Play bball from 1.30 till 4.50 than have to rush off to tm to meet up with Evon,kai wei,sl,jianyi & Jt
for dinner. Feel kind of bad cos i like PS alot of my bball mate cos we alway play till 7. was Sry about not being able to pei u guy play till late hope u guy understand wor....LOL
Reach TM went to find ah ben the *BEAR* to slack and talk about serious stuff LOL u know u know =)
After dinner went to slack awhile as it was late liao so all went home.
send Evon home had some chat with her at her house downstair till 10 .
And headed home. shall end here as there nth much to blog liao .

2:05 PM

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hmmm finally i can use computer liao =)
i am going to blog from lah Thursday till today
nothing much going on have been working from last Thursday till Monday
was dammm tired cos have to stand whole day and end work liao still have to fold all der shirt . SIAN WAN LOR!!!!

First day off work was ok but i keep kanna aim only sian just cos i wear a all*star to work -.-!!!
after that break time was around 7 meet up with song ling & Evon to had our dinner how nice of them. As for der other day nothing much happen so lazy to blog about it also .

First day back to sch BORING!!!! Don even know What der hell was he teaching
So end up sleeping .

Morning wake up 6.30 i think get ready to leave house to meet up with Evon for breaskfast.
But i was late cos went to look for some sweet. And the bus took so long to reach make me think that morning don have the 43 lor.
Head to sch after breakfast and we were like 1 hour late i think.
Lesson was still so so as i am still in the holiday Mood...HAHA
After sch head to tm with sl,kai wei & Evon as i skip my math lesson opp =x
After finish getting their stuff, send evon back home as she keep
hugging to the pink soft toy till she slp...LOL
And off i go home sweet home.

Shaq wake up early for sch again. Go sch like 2 hour late as i don like proect lesson .
After math lesoon went to meet up with kai wei, sl & Evon.
was looking at them doin their math homework than off we go HOME.

Finish sch go home slack than goin to play basketball
tat all =(

Shall end here than
tc everyone

3:32 PM

Friday, July 4, 2008

They both wan cut my bird bird!!!! OMG
Evon & her Chicken fan =)

Today meet up with Kai wei, Song Ling & Evon at Cine For movie at 12.
But as always i was late again cos could not wake up was too tired .

Had lunch with them at pastamania .
Went to check der movie for 10 promises to my dog at cine but they only have 1pm which we have already pass the timing ar.
Slack at taka coffee bean to talk talk drink coffee and share our young pic off ourself and was really thank for being sporting to really bring those photo down cos i know u ALL PS RITE...LOL
think ther one who change the most was me the old fatty me =)

Off we go to ps cos there the timing for the show was 4.10
The show was really nice and funny but the most funny thing is u look up down left right u will see ppl crying. And the two beside me was crying too but was trying not to laugh at them wait i kanna =x

After show had our dinner at cafe cartel, Meet up with yokeleng and ellona
head down to bugis which is boring ther lor there got nth to do but ok lah pei them go there buy their stuff. After that slack again take pic all but i don have it to upload all the pic is with kai wei.
After the photo taking section all went home.
Lend Evon my purple psp home but there was not much game for her to play also, wonder what will she do with it she can only listen to song nor.

Shall end here tml Got to WORK SIAN!!!!!!!!!
Night My Friend

12:30 AM

Cab home

Sandy u LOOK OLD LOl...JK =x

Stone stone

Hmmmm.....just a normal WED.
Went to play basketball again at around 3pm -6pm cos tooooooo boring liao no one come to play with us so end up all go home early.
Went home to rest than head to jaz house at 9+.
Meet up with Hazel,Sandy,Perlin & Jaz.
Went DBL O , boat quey than MOS
cab home with Jaz, kanna road block.
so many people kanna copy ic don't know for what also
really wth man.

Shall End Here Goodnight People =)

12:11 AM

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rest Day

Nothing much going on today. Just that been busy the last few day and finally today i got nothing on so that i can go play basketball at MPCC with Jian yi, Jun tian , Li yap, Dennis & and my normal group off basketball mates =D at 3 pm .Was kind of happy as they bother to come cos did not expect then to really come cos they everytime say don wan when i ask them to.

After that we stop playing at around 7 pm,Went to change and off to bring jian yi to have dinner at aston as the other got something on so was only left the two of us.
And really thank alot to jian yi for your aston treat it was real kind of u =D.

Had our dinner and went to walk around parkway to slack and chat about thing happening around and our problem. Walk jian yi to the bus stop and here i am back home to blog.
Think i shall end here as there nothing much to blog liao
GoodNight my friend

sometime i wonder all the thing
that i do was right or wrong .
sometime i even wonder do i
even know myself well.
sometime i just feel tired being myself.

11:16 PM